Get a ‘man manual’ this Men’s Health Week

Published Wednesday 15 June 2022 at 18:03

It’s Men’s Health Week the week’s theme this year of the health and wellbeing benefits to getting a Man MOT.

Some residents may remember the Haynes manual series… But the one you remember never gave you a guide to men’s health!

That’s all changed now with the Haynes Man Manual stating:

 “One careful owner? With a little care, the high-performance machine that is the male body will run smoothly for a lifetime with just basic maintenance and minimal need for spare parts”.

The new fully-revised 2019 edition of this easy-to-read handbook will show you how to fine tune your engine, choose the right fuel and keep your mind on the road ahead. There are also brand new interviews with men who’ve been on the journey and have a tale to tell.

BwD Executive Member for Wellbeing, Coun Damian Talbot said:

This year Men’s Health Week is a great time for residents to take time to ask the men in our community, be they family, friends or colleagues, to take a Man MOT and check up on their health and wellbeing. Running or walking a few times a week are simple ways to stay active, maintain a healthy weight whatever your age or ability, and proven to improve your mood.

Not just for men 

And the Haynes Man Manual isn’t just for the men in our lives, there is information for women too, sharing ways you may be able to support and look out for the chaps in your life.

You can read the digital version for free online or you can order a physical copy for a few quid:

The Man Manual | Men’s Health Forum (

If you do require any support with any of the information in the ‘man manual, you can also reach out to The BwD Wellbeing Service:

The Wellbeing Service and re:fresh | re:fresh (

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