Walkers clock up 150 miles during Walk to Work Week

Published Friday 23 May 2014 at 9:47

Walk to Work Week is a national celebration of walking to encourage people to think about the way they travel.

Throughout the recent Walk to Work Week a series of activities took place in the borough organised by CONNECT, the Council’s sustainable transport scheme.

The scheme aims to encourage people to choose more sustainable travel options such as walking, cycling, car sharing and public transport.

Around 60 people took part in the activities, which included lunch time walks from Blackburn Town Hall, a walk organised for workers at Evolution Park and a one from Witton Country Park for staff at the Council, Capita and Blackburn College.

The walk from Witton has proved so successful that it has now become a bi-annual event and people have even begun to arrange their own walking days.

Simon Harrison, walking coordinator for CONNECT, said: “If we can encourage people to walk even just one day a week, it would cut down on the amount of traffic coming into Blackburn and have a great benefit on people’s health.”

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