Parking charges in Darwen waived during youth centre development works

Published Tuesday 20 February 2024 at 16:34

As work begins to transform Darwen Youth Centre, Knott Street car park in Darwen will be closing in March 2024.

During the car park closure, parking charges on other car parks in Darwen will be waived.

Leader of the Council, Coun Phil Riley, explained:

The start of the works to transform Darwen Youth Centre inevitably means that Knott Street car park will have to close, at least temporarily.

The difference this work, funded through the Youth Investment Fund, will make to local young people is massive – the centre will be doubling in size with the addition of extra level on the existing building.

We know that drivers who currently park on Knott Street will have to find alternative car parking, which is why we’ve made the decision to waive parking charges on the car parks at the train station and on Atlas Road. Free parking will be available on these car parks until at least March 2026, when parking charges in Darwen will be reviewed.

More details of the £8m improvements to Darwen Youth Centre

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