Advertising opportunities

Did you know that Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council has these low cost advertising opportunities available? Check out the video below to find out more.

Think advertising opportunities used by big businesses are out of your reach?

Blackburn with Darwen Advertising offers premier advertising locations that are seen by over 25,000 people per day for as little as £50 per week.

We have access to over 100 sites including bus shelters, roundabouts and boundary signs.

So whether you are a start up business looking to grow or a major player contact us to see how we can help you reach your potential customers.

Call the advertising team on 01254 585551 or tweet us @bwdadvertising.

Benefits of Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is high impact

Outdoor advertising is part of the environment, therefore cannot be turned off like television and radio. The viewer has no control on whether they see it or not giving your campaign more impact for a longer period of time than the viewer may expect.

Outdoor demands attention

Outdoor doesn’t have to compete with other ads like most mediums. Often big in size, outdoor advertising makes itself very visible at both close and large distances. They tend to also be creative and expressive which tends to gain more attention amongst consumers.

Outdoor advertising can be very cost effective

Outdoor Media Association, performed a studied and found that outdoor advertising delivers a high Return of Investment in all categories and the higher the budget spent on outdoor advertising the larger the ROI.

Outdoor advertising reaches a broader audience

It is a great marketing platform for brands or business that are trying to reach a broader audience. Outdoor advertising is public and has access to consumers that can sometimes be difficult to reach. Like younger users, busy business people and lower income consumers may not have access to traditional mediums, so outdoor advertising is a great way to reach them.

Outdoor is an engaging medium

Unlike most mediums, outdoor is actually liked by consumers. Research from APN Outdoor, found that 71% of consumers preferred bus shelters with advertising than those without and that 36% stated outdoor advertising as a welcome distraction.

Outdoor advertising works with others

Outdoor advertising can and has been proven, to work best with other mediums. The impact and reach of outdoor advertising is greater and can remind the consumer of the message across other forms of advertising.

Outdoor advertising can offer brands and companies a fresh and creative approach to reaching consumers.

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